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A brief history & introduction to Malta

Malta is a country that has a lot to offer. The azure of the Mediterranean Sea, the mellow honey colored limestone which characterizes the architecture and the clear blue skies, the Maltese Islands are a feast for the senses. Wherever you go, a unique historic sight awaits you. With 7,000 years of history the Maltese Islands are rich in culture and heritage, from the temples, cathedrals, palaces & forts, they all provide a living history.. There are so many areas of heritage and culture to be explored from the Grandmasters' Palace which is a 16th century masterpiece and now is the house of parliament to the Sacra Infermeria which is now a fully equipped conference centre , and of course St John's Cathedral with its magnificent alfresco paintings. The mysterious megalithic temples dedicated to the goddess of Fertility are unique in the world.

Malta's climate is mostly influenced by the sea and is typical of the Mediterranean. The Maltese Islands have a very sunny climate with an average of 6 hours sunshine in mid winter and 12 hours in summer.

Winters are mild with the occasional short chilly period. Rainfall is low therefore sunbathing is quite possible well into the winter months. In spring and autumn a very hot wind from Africa brings unseasonally high temperatures and also humidity, this is known as the Sirocco. Our summers are hot, dry and very sunny.

There are various sports which one can enjoy in Malta due to such an agreeable climate. Malta's largest sports centre is The Marsa Sports Club, it features an 18 hole golf course, a miniature golf, 18 tennis courts, 5 squash courts, cricket grounds and a swimming pool. Tourists can join the club on a weekly basis while they are on holiday in Malta. With regards to golf, non members are welcome and clubs can be rented out at the facility. Due to the climate, terrain and scenery, Malta is ideal for walking and cycling holidays. You'll discover restless sea, unusual landscapes, or, you could experience the tranquil and serene feeling of the narrow village streets. Cycling through the Maltese countryside lanes between rubble walls makes one feel in sync with nature. Cycling is also considered as one of the best modes of transport in environmental, economical and health terms. Distances between towns and villages are short, and are reached with little or no effort at all. For those with a spirit for adventure, there's rock climbing, caving and paragliding

The sea is a vital part of our Maltese culture, it has colored our history, and it will color any visit to the islands. It is sensuous in summer, and restless in winter, and it is lovely to be by, in or on the sea. You could relax on the beach, discover sandy coves and rocky inlets which are almost deserted even in high summer. Many beaches offer watersports such as, windsurfing, sea kayaking, jet ski hire, paragliding, wake boarding and sailing. Malta is also well known with divers around the world. The sea is warm all year round and offers excellent visibility. With reefs, caves, and shipwrecks to explore it makes for a very interesting dive experience in our Mediterranean sea. Wild life danger risk is extremely low, thus creating an ultimate location for first time divers and beginners.

A brief history & introduction to Mellieha

Mellieha is one of Malta's most picturesque tourist destinations. It is both a rural village & tourist resort in the Northwestern part of the island. The town centre boasts some of the finest restaurants and traditional cute shops. The majestic baroque church was built in late 19th century, every year on the 8th September the village feast is celebrated with various cultural manifestations, such as musical concerts, fireworks, folk singing, art exhibitions and a traditional procession. 'Il-Melliehin" as the town's people are known are renowned for their hospitality , friendliness and ironic sense of humour.

Mellieha also boasts the best beaches on the island, from Mellieha beach to Paradise Bay to Armier and Little Armier, as well as Golden Sands and Riviera Beach. Apart from the beaches there are beautiful walking trails that are only found in this part of the island.
A brief history and travel guide to Malta
A brief history and travel guide to Malta
A brief history and travel guide to Malta
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